Supriya Kumar, PhD, MPH

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Behavioral & Community Health Sciences
Graduate School of Public Health
University of Pittsburgh


Adjunct Faculty
Public Health Foundation of India, New Delhi, India

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APHA 2015: Special Session on social determinants of inequalities in infectious disease outbreaks

Chicago Convention Center: Nov 3 2015 2:30pm

A special session at APHA this year will feature talks that draw attention to and showcase studies documenting and analyzing the causes behind the phenomenon of unequal levels of illness and death during infectious disease outbreaks. I will be presenting results from a systematic review of the social determinants of acute respiratory infection. Other speakers include Allison Aiello, James Hadler, and Sandra Quinn. Corinna Dan of the Office of HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Policy will moderate the session. View the entire session here.


I transitioned from a productive career in laboratory-based Biological Sciences research into behavioral health research looking for a more socially relevant career in scientific research. I now study the impact of social factors, in addition to cognitive factors, on health behaviors. I am specifically focused on how the policy and social environment, and individual social position impact health behaviors. In addition, I am interested in the translation of research and evaluation to inform the development of policy. I am thoroughly enjoying my new career in public health, and have multiple published manuscripts. My goal as a public health researcher is to effect the implementation of health-enabling policies by researching how the social and policy environments interact to impact health behaviors.

Research Theme: Health Disparities
The overarching theme in my research is health disparities. I studied racial disparities in vaccine uptake and the voluntary decision to stay home from work if ill during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. I use the social ecological model and models of the social determinants of health extensively to inform my studies. I have reviewed the national pandemic plan in India from a health disparities perspective. Recently, I used computational modeling to assess the impact of a universal paid sick days policy on socioeconomic disparities in influenza incidence among working adults, and am now examining the mechanisms by which disparities in influenza could result in the population.

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