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Although my studies are VERY important to me, there is more to me than just school! I love to read books, play the piano, and make science jokes! I love cacti and succulent plants, but have unfortunately had some die on me. Similarly, to my fish which also died the day I got it. On a brighter note though, I am a lifetime member Girl Scout of whom has earned her bronze, silver and, the nationally recognized,gold awards.

I love to try new foods and cook as well! I've been out of the country and visited two different nations: Paris, France and London, England. I enjoyed the culture of people and the history I learned while there! The Chateau de Versailles was magnificent. The street food was good too! Go figure street pizza would be good in Paris--it is known for bread and cheese!

Additionally, I'm a lover of all things Disney! I have learned to play many Disney songs on the piano such as "Can you Feel the Love Tonight," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Cruella DeVille" to name a few. I have also been stopped twice at the airport while dressed as Minnie Mouse.

I also like words. My father and I have been word fiends since I was in fifth grade. It all started with what is still one of my favorite words today *wistfully looks off into the distance* "splendiferous". It's a wonderful word that I try to ingratiate into my every day conversation.

I'm a Christian and have grown up in the Church. I try to live my life like God would want me to as best I can. I am very close to my family and talk to both my parents every day, typically multiple times a day too. I try to be positive all the time and keep a smile on my face. Just like the Mary Poppins song goes, "I love to laugh...hahaha...I love to laugh and sing!" I am a very inquisitive person and like to understand the "how" and "why", I am not satisfied with just simply know the "what".

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Book Recommendations!!!
Young Adult Books Thought Provoking Classic Theatre
The Season The Help Romeo and Juliet
The School For Good and Evil The Bluest Eye A Midsummer Night's Dream
To All the Boys I've Loved Before Master Harold and The Boys Hamlet

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