Sam Nosenzo

Student developer pursuing creativity.

About Me

I'm a currently a full-time student pursuing a degree in computer engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. I am also involved with Digital Humanities research in the Visual Media Workshop on campus, where I have worked on with some data visualization with facial recognition software. I'm incredibly interested in the creative possibilities that exist within the realms of design and technology. I crave the new perspective that these two entities bring to life. Most of my creative works are done in my free time using Processing.



Duco Android App
Duco was created at the Carnegie Museum of Art's 120th Anniversary Hackathon as a Tinder app for the museum's collection of artworks. I did backend development in java on the algorithm that selects the next artwork to show based on the user's history of likes and dislikes.
SNO is an app and thermal jacket created for Kent State University's Fashion/Tech Hackathon that uses an accelerometer to track the force of the snowboarder or skier to report and call for help if a crash occurs. A bluetooth sensor will relay to an app on your phone that will send information about your location and current situation to emergency services and the owner of the slope to ensure speedy help in the event of a crisis. SNO also relays information about local weather.
Constellation was an interactive art installation that six other people and I made as a capstone project in the ENGR 1716 The Art of Making. It consisted of an immersive dome in which people could interact through a kinect camera to a Processing application that would allow them to control a virtual night sky and collaboratively create constellations with other people.
Decomposing Bodies: Wall of Bertillon Faces "In Order"
This was an art piece done for the Data (after)Lives Exhibition that consisted of over 7,000 aligned images of faces on a wall in the gallery. The images were displayed in order of similarity between adjacent pictures according to the facial recognition software OpenFace. With the same software and Processing, I also created a 3D spacial visualization of the computer-recognized facial similarity of Labeled Faces in the Wild dataset, which can be seen on my GitHub.
Evolve - Generative Organic Typography
This is a generative typography program that uses Processing to create organic text transitions on the screen. This was done as my final project in my Visual Thinking studio arts class.
Nature of Code
The Nature of Code is a programming book by Daniel Shiffman that teaches how to apply natural principles to the Processing programming language. Over the summer I went through the book and created a wealth of processing sketches from the things I learned.
3D Printer
For my senior project in high school, I built a Reprap Prusa i3 3D Printer.


Let's Get In Touch!

Email is probably the best way to contact me; I'll usually respond within 24 hours. Feel free to ask me any questions, add me on LinkedIn, or share something interesting with me!