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resident fellows list

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- A -

::: Colin Allen
History and Philosophy of Science
Philosophical foundations of cognitive science and neuroscience

- B -

::: German Barrionuevo
Memory, hippocampus, pre-frontal cortex

::: Robert Batterman
Foundations of statistical physics, dynamical systems and chaos, asymptotic reasoning, mathematical idealizations

::: Nuel Belnap
Logic, philosophical logic, metaphysics, philosophy of the social sciences

::: Thomas Berry
Political philosophy, ethics, and practical ethics

::: Robert Brandom
Philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, philosophical logic, intentionality

- C -

::: Mazviita Chirimuuta
History and Philosophy of Science
Neuroscience, colour vision, and visual cognition

::: John Cooper
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Synthetic and mechanistic organotransition metal and inorganic chemistry

::: Ann E. Cudd
Provost & Senior Vice Chancellor

- D -

::: Michael Dietrich
History and Philosophy of Science
History and Philosophy of Biology

- E -

::: John Earman
History and Philosophy of Science
History, methodology and foundations of modern physics

::: Stephen Engstrom
Ethics, metaphysics, modern philosophy (especially Kant), ancient philosophy

- F -

::: Michael Ford
Instruction and Learning
Scientific literacy, instructional innovation

- G -

::: Dmitri Gallow

::: Bernard R. Goldstein
History and Philosophy of Science
Religious studies, history of science, Ancient and Medieval Astronomy

::: James Greeno
Instruction and Learning, Stanford
Learning and reasoning, especially in mathematics, in environments that support intuitive understanding of concepts

::: Adolf Grünbaum
History and Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of physics, the theory of scientific rationality, the philosophy of psychiatry, and the critique of theism

::: Anil Gupta
Logic, philosophy of language, metaphysics, epistemology

- H -


- I -


- J -

::: Allen Janis
General relativity and philosophy of science

- K -

- L -

::: James Lennox
History and Philosophy of Science
Ancient Greek philosophy, science and medicine and Charles Darwin and Darwinism

::: Jed Lewinsohn
Social and political philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophy of law, and philosophy of action

::: Dennis Looney
French and Italian
Renaissance humanism

::: Lance Lugar

::: John Lyne
Rhetoric of science, philosophy and rhetoric, and argumentation

- M -

::: Edouard Machery
History and Philosophy of Science
Concepts, simple heuristics, moral psychology, evolution and cognition, race


::: James Maher
Fluid dynamics, chaos theory

::: Kenneth Manders
History and philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science

::: Edward McCord
University Honors College
Environmental science, ethology, philosophy of cultural anthropology, Legal Philosophy

::: John McDowell
Ancient philosophy, philosophy of language and mind, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics

::: James McGuire
History and Philosophy of Science
17th- and 18th-century scientific, philosophical, and theological thought, ancient philosophy

::: Sandra Mitchell
History and Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of science, especially philosophy of biology and philosophy of the social sciences

- N -

::: Lisa Nelson
Public and International Affairs
Law and politics, criminal justice, constitutional law, jurisprudence, American judicial process. Political theory, law and literature, law and philosophy, philosophy of science

::: John Norton
History and Philosophy of Science
History and philosophy of physics (relativity, quantum theory, and statistical physics), with a special interest in general relativity

- O -


- P -

::: Japa Pallikkathayil
Moral and politcal philosophy

::: Paolo Palmieri
History and Philosophy of Science
History of early modern science, Galileo

::: Lisa Parker
Human Genetics
Bioethics, Research Ethics, especially Ethics of genetic research, feminist ethics

- R -

::: Nicholas Rescher
Metaphysics, epistemology, pragmatism, philosophy of science, history of philosophy, ethics

::: Jean-Francois Richard
Developing operational inference procedures for complex empirical problems

::: Thomas Ricketts
Development of analytic philosophy, especially Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Carnap, and Quinel

- S -

::: Merrilee Salmon
History and Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of anthropology, logic,philosophy of science

::: Kenneth Schaffner
History and Philosophy of Science
Philosophy and history of biology and medicine, philosophy of behavioral genetics and psychiatry

::: Jeffrey Schwartz
Exploration of method, theory, and philosophy in evolutionary biology, origin and significance of morphological novelty

::: James Shaw
Philosophy of language, philosophical logic, and formal epistemology and the history of analytic philosophy

::: Erica Shumener

::: George Sparling

- T -

:::Nandi Theunissen

::: Edda Thiels
Biological substrates of learning and memory,experience-dependent synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus

::: Michael Thompson
Ethics, political theory, philosophy of mind, theory of action

- V -


- W -

::: Jennifer Whiting

::: Mark Wilson
History and Philosophy of Science and Mathematics, metaphysics, philosophy of language

::: James Woodward
History and Philosophy of Science
Theories of causation, explanation and inductive inference in general philosophy of science, philosophy of psychology, and philosophy of social science

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