Lab #4 - Histology

 Lecture Notes

 4 Main Tissue Types: Epithelial

 Epithelial and Connective Tissue

 LAB MANUAL - CH 7, EX 7-1:  LAB MANUAL CH 7, EX 7-2: connective tissue may be classified as ordinary (areolar, dense fibrous, reticular and adipose) or specialized (blood, cartilage and bone) - we will be looking at most of these tissue types in lab  LAB MANUAL CH 10, EX 10-3:  LAB MANUAL CH 8 - Internal Membranes and Skin  Internal Membranes  The Integument (Skin) stratum lucidum (translucent, thin)

stratum granulosum (dark)

stratum spinosum (multilayered)

Pacinian corpuscle - pressure receptors

 LAB MANUAL CH 1 - Anatomical Terms

 Exercise 1-1: Directional Terms

 Exercise 1-2: Body Sections and Planes  Exercise 1-3: Body Cavities - Demonstration in lab

 Exercise 1-4: Regional Terms - Abdominopelvic regions will be demonstrated in lab; you are responsible for knowing the other regional terms for the exam - self-study

 TEXT pg. 4-6: Organ Systems - This will be demonstrated in lab: know the basic components and function of each organ system for the exam