I'm a PhD student in the Intelligent Systems Program - Biomedical Informatics track at the University of Pittsburgh.

My research interests are in medical imaging and clinical informatics, specifically in the application of AI techniques to the clinical practice.

I am currently working in the Intelligent Computing for Clinical Imaging (ICCI) Lab in the Department of Radiology at the University of Pittsburgh, supervised by Dr. Shandong Wu.

Current projects include

  • Radiomics and Deep Learning approaches to predict microvascular invasion (mVI) of HepatoCellular Carncinoma (HCC) from multiphase MRI

  • Investigating alternatives to the Model for End stage Liver Disease (MELD) for waitlist mortality prediction for patients waiting for a liver transplant.

  • Analysis of possible discriminant factors that distinguish between low-MELD patients who died within a year from listing for a liver transplant and patients who survived.


Email address:

LinkedIn: Giacomo Nebbia

CV: Open


  • Rafael Ramos, Esmaeel Dadashzadeh, Giacomo Nebbia, Graciela Bauza, Shandong Wu (2019) Rib Fracture Patterns Associated with Diaphragmatic Injury: A Retrospective Review. To be presented at the 2019 Chest Wall Injury Summit , March 28-30, Santa Fe (NM)

  • Giacomo Nebbia, Aly A. Mohamed, Ruimei Chai, Bingjie Zheng, Margarita Zuley, Shandong Wu (2019) Deep learning of sub-regional breast parenchyma in mammograms for localized breast cancer risk prediction. Poster at the 2019 SPIE Computer-Aided Diagnosis conference, February 17-20, San Diego (CA).

  • Giacomo Nebbia, Esmaeel Dadashzadeh, Caroline Rieser, Shandong Wu (2019) Going beyond MELD: A data-driven mortality predictor for liver transplantation waiting list. To be presented at the 14th Annual Academic Surgical Congress, February 5-7 2019, Houston (TX)

  • Giacomo Nebbia, Lisa Nussbaum, Annie Helmkamp, Stacy Andersen, Thomas Perls & Paola Sebastiani (2018) Manual and Automated Procedures for Compiling a Very Large Sample of Centenarian Pedigrees, North American Actuarial Journal, DOI: 10.1080/10920277.2018.1462716

  • Nussbaum, L. S., Nebbia, G., Andersen, S. L., Perls, T. T., & Sebastiani, P. (2015, November). ISSUES IN THE CURATION OF PEDIGREES OF LONG-LIVED INDIVIDUALS. In GERONTOLOGIST (Vol. 55, pp. 487-487). JOURNALS DEPT, 2001 EVANS RD, CARY, NC 27513 USA: OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC.

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