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Dad Broke The Moon!

Mom's crying!

Mom's crying again!

Entry for Global Game Jam 2020. Fix the moon in this vertical platformer!

Recognized by USGamer

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We Lost Jason!


A Spooky Adventure!

Entry for The Maturity Explained J-Horror Jam 2019.

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The Lyre of Truth

Lyre of Truth

Puzzle Platformer

Entry for Community Game Jam 2019. Theme: "The game is a liar".

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Strange Patterns


Strange Attractor Visual Aid

A visual tool written with Godot Engine.

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Java House

8-bit George

Tile-Based Puzzle Game

Java House is my first game, written in Java using the native libraries. I wanted to create something simple but interesting, as well as gain experience in engine development.

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Explore Europa! Avoid the mysterious Ooze!

An SDL2 game written for CS1666, Pitt Fall 2018. An ongoing group project.

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8-bit Floss

Use your hacking skills to take down the evil Corpocracy!

A game made with the Godot engine. An ongoing personal project.

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