Finding Andy

As someone immersed in Japanese art and language, alumnus Eric Shiner never expected to direct a museum devoted to Pop artist/cultural icon Andy Warhol. But really, it's no surprise. Read More »

Reconnect, Network, Serve

Reconnect, network, serve, and enjoy membership discounts by joining the Pitt Alumni Association. Read More »

Alumni Travel

Experience the world and create lasting memories through the Pitt Alumni Travel Program. Read More »

Alumni Endow Elder Law Clinic

School of Law graduates David and Dawne Hickton have created an endowment for Pitt's Elder Law Clinic, which serves elderly people with legal needs as well as family members assisting them. Read More »

Dream Job

"It's really cool that when I turn on the TV on Sundays and tune in to ESPN, everyone is talking about something I'm involved in," says Jacque Skowvron, National Football League marketing coordinator and Pitt graduate. Read More »

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Hail to Pitt!

From the Oakland Zoo to rubbing the panther statue’s nose for good luck, Pitt pride thrives in our traditions.


Alumni History & Memories

Learn about Pitt’s proud legacy, browse through digitized yearbooks, read reminiscences by fellow alumni, and post your own Pitt memory.


The Company You Keep

Pitt alumni have excelled in nearly every profession, from arts and entertainment (novelist Michael Chabon, left, and Hollywood legend Gene Kelly) to environmentalism (Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Muta Maathai)…from science and technology (MRI discoverer Paul Lauterbur and “Father of Television” Vladimir Zworykin) to sports (football icons Tony Dorsett, Mike Ditka and Dan Marino).

Just to cite a few. Read more about Pitt graduates who have made their marks on the world.